Bali is more than a place – its mood, its magical.It’s a tropical state of mind.

Some places just take your breath away. Bali, the name people usually associate only to the untouched beaches, will definitely blow your mind away with the uniqueness it has to offer.

Bali is a destination where anyone young, younger or youngest can visit and indulge into their rich culture.

The place is warm and the people are warmer. You shall not ever meet any local who would not ask you “Have you been to Bali before? How did you like our Bali?”

The place oozes and swears by its culture and tradition and you shall be surprised how they still abide to their centuries old culture and rituals.

You would be surprised to see an ancestral temple before you enter anyone’s house. Traditional Balinese homes have their own family temples within the home kampong.

Since the Balinese are very particular about their culture and traditions, there are some simple do’s and don’t’s while visiting Bali.

  • Though it is a small island, the numbers of tourists visiting this island are large in numbers. Hence do not expect a quick exit at the immigration.
  • The head of an individual is not to be touched as they consider it extremely sacred.
  • It is hot in Bali, but please keep your t-shirt on when walking the streets, for the sake of the modest Balinese and for my sake, because many of you just look dreadful.
  • You would be surprised to find ceremonial offerings outside every shop and house, hence be very careful while walking on the streets.
  • Balinese food is fresh and extremely healthy, try and avoid the usual and experiment with Balinese cuisine. Better, go in for a Balinese culinary class to learn how the food is prepared.
  • Enjoy the local Bintang beer. It is refreshing, and Bali is humid.
  • Do make a relationship with one of the beach beer sellers, and try and return to the one place. Once you are ripped off once, they won’t rip you off again. Ditto the hair braiders, the nail painters and a lot of other hawkers. Once you have paid for a service once, they do not tend to hassle you again.
  • Do eat at the warungs, the local Balinese cafes. The food is cheap, and the food is good.
  • Bali has the most unusual lot of t-shirts, some purely disgusting but others relatively funny. If you have to buy one, then don’t wear it, but if you do, expect to be recognised as a tourist and probably an Australian bogan one at that.
  • Don’t get annoyed when you are hassled at the volcano, or when you go to see the Kecak dancers, or any other tourist place by the hawkers. They need to make a living.
  • Wear your helmet when you hire a scooter, which you inevitably will. You will more than likely get booked by the police of you do if you don’t.
  • The internet reception in Bali, in the main, is not too bad. Most cafes will have free wi-fi. Expect in some of the inner areas of the island like Ubud, that it can drop out now and again, but it is better than many other countries we have been to.
  • The monkeys on the island, particularly in highly touristy spots like Ubud and Uluwatu Temple, are cunning thieves and will steal the sunglasses from your head, and anything else they can get their hands on.
  • Do go to Ubud, it is a special place, and definitely not ruined by tourists .
  • Do get a beachside position, maybe at Jimbaran Bay or Seminyak and enjoy the music, the Bintang and some of the most epic sunsets you will ever see.

I would like to thank Team Edwin for giving me a chance to explore this beautiful island. I shall be back for more 🙂

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